12 сентября 2013

Cat Clarke, ‘Torn’

TornТак как язык оригинала английский, а перевод не предвидится, рецензия тоже будет на английском. 

Just finished it and it was just fantastic. I'd have never expected from YA book to be so deep and thought-provoking. That's about teenagers of course, but apart from teen-issues, there are some unsolvable problems young girls aren't supposed to be dealing with in normal life. 

So the first gripping thing about 'Torn' is its storyline. That's actually not spoilers, that's the begining of the story. Alice and her classmates are at the school trip to the Scottish Wilderness –  not all the teens are excited about outdoor activities, but it's still a chance to be on there own without parents. They live in cabins of five people and Alice found herself with her best friend Cass, emogirl Rae, outsider Polly and Queen of Everything Tara. Tara is stereotypic popular girl: she's beautiful, confident, successful and arrogant, her parent's rich, all the teachers adore her, she's surrounded by group of support-team-girls all the time. It's not a suprise she's unhappy to stuck with such loosers. One day Cass decided to get back at Tara for all the humiliation she caused to others and got a plan of prank with Alice, Rae and Polly involved. Unfortunately this sort of practical joke went all wrong and Tara's dead. What should that four girls do? If they tell someone they'll go to prison, if they don't.. well, that's a whole lot of guilt to live with. So their life is now torn into 2 parts – before and after. I felt like I have to know what happened to Tara and the others afterwords, this introduction was really intriguing, so I started reading.  

Warning: the next two paragraphs may contain spoilers, therefore if you haven't read this book yet, just move to the last one by now.  

The characters of the book are rather vivid, although a bit stereotyped. Actually I didn't like Alice, she has nothing special about herself, just an ordinary girl. She is good at school lessons, but not at real social life. Firstly, why did she agreed to participate at the prank if she didn't want to? Well, I can understand her choise not to offend Cass and be with the group though, it's OK for 16-year-old. There's another fact that I complitly hated. Alice got into relationship that she thinks was real and serious, and she’d never told Jack any truth. I don’t mean Tara’s fate of course. She’d just never shared with Jack any of her true feelings or emotions. She thought too much about what he might think of her, but as a result Jack barely knew her.

The ending of the book was predictable despite some really unexpected twists of the plot. Somehow you hope there is a some kind of magical solution, but of course there isn’t. This is the life. You easily could think oft what happened next with all the relations after the last page. Cass probably won’t speak to Alice for a while, then she’ll understand Alice had choosen the right thing to do. Alice and her Dad definitely will be closer, she might be OK about him dating Daley. Moreover, Daley may help that family to go though difficulties. And Jack.. Well, Jack was lost for Alice after her words 'Tara didn't drown', that was a cutting moment. After that both of them won't think of each other the same way. 

To conclude, 'Torn' feels like a bit too mature for young adult literature, but at the same time the book has all the right messages to the readers. Anyway, I'm thinking of reading some more of Cat Clarke one day as I like the style and intensity of her work.

Хорошая рецензия на русском есть здесь: www.livelib.ru/review/285633

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